University of Comperio

University of Comperio

  The fabled University of Comperio. Can study engineering, history, science and solidify your career in the most prosperous kingdom of the Griffith Isles. For a price.  


Developing A Writing Group

Finding a writing group is tough. About the time you think you’ve found someone to really sink their teeth into your writing, they up and disappear. Life happens. Other things are more important. That...


Create & Write Focus

Create & Write News from around the web that I found helpful for myself as a creative writer–news that I want to share with you. It contains information that is innovative and spurs on writers...

Writing Skills

How to Handle Critiques

Critiques are the way I learn to move my writing skills to new heights. After writing for hours, I can’t see problems that have developed or my own blind spots (Yes, even I have them). First,...

WOT Resistance Logo First Draft

Burned-Part 1 Complete

It’s finished, pulling in at roughly 17k words! This week will be me brushing it up slightly, but when Friday rolls around, I’ll need some alpha readers to help me out and tell me...


Ripping Stories to Shreds…I Mean, Critiques

Having my story ripped to shreds is–actually–a fantastic thing for me. It shows me weak spots I cannot see, helps me build stronger plot, more emotionally engaging characters. But it kills me and my...

Consider the Story

Consider the Story

Stories are meant to be understood. Meaning–stories have ideas that must be communicated to the reader. Ideas are central to each story. Therefore, characters embody and convey ideas–serving and broadcasting them to the reader....