My name is James Olinda.

I believe in the power of inspiration gained from reading. I can read, become inspired, then share that inspiration. It’s infectious. That’s my goal with creative storytelling—being infectiously inspiring; purposefully taking readers to new heights through writing.

As a child, I didn’t read heavily until I was nearly 10—and I just kept rolling. Mentally, I guess I thought it was a game. The kid next to me in 4th grade was reading 5th grade books? TO BAD, I’m up to 7th grade books, chump! Haha!

Reading expanded my mind as a side effect to the inspiring adventures. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Philosophy, History. I consumed them all. Now, I write in those same fields; giving back to the genres that gave me so much inspiration.

So, I am—very much so—a creative writer, dogged thinker, stubborn doer and author.

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Recently, I released my first novel, “Resistance”, as an e-book on Kindle.