Were I a gushing fanboy of a reader, what three things would I ask my writer to create?

Here were my initial answers

  • An amazing world to travel through
  • Characters I can become friends with. People I hate.
  • Great plots that are solid and believable

In the course of reading over these “answers”, I realized something. Teachers in university would hate this answers (I’m still fresh out of school folks, yes)!

What a lack of imagination, answering those questions so dully. So, I tried again, crafting these three responses instead.

  • Dynamic, vibrantly colorful worlds that are entirely new; full of places I couldn’t visit myself, unless the author took me there himself. Said another way, I want someone so clearly insane that only they could create the world in their mind and then I would have them transport me to that place. Which makes me equally insane (It’s very avant grav to be insane right now).
  • Characters that are true people, ideals living within and through them, causing their decisions. All of them need some kind of inner strength, a piece of themselves that keep me going as well.
  • Plots that are ramrod true and dependable. Able to support the highest level of scrutiny, allowing cause and effect to drive the story. (Something I always have thought of as wrong is that moment when you’re running a game with the cheats on and you throw in some element to *randomly* balance the scales, either in your favor or against. Playing god with the story isn’t right.)

Now I’ve more fully answered the part of the question that asks what I as the reader want. If I were to go through it again, I’d answer it even better.

Posting personal thoughts like this are meant to inspire you to answer your own questions more fully, especially as they relate to what we read. Be descriptive. Be aware of what you want. Then you can actually get what you want. I’d be hard pressed to give the first “generic” reader what he wanted to read.

But the second? That’s a reader I could please.

The Resistance Begins

Resistance” now available on Kindle!

Perrin is all that stands between his people and their subjugation . Will he be enough to stop the storm that is coming?

War begins as General Pine forces his way through Gree to the opulent heart of Comperio. All that stands between him and that beating heart is a young son of an earl, struggling to bring a pittance of a defense against the armies of Ax.

Spies reported the northern earldoms to be weak, unable to field a defense against General Pine. But Perrin doesn’t know that, he digs in his heels to stall the invaders until help arrives. He’s thumbing his nose at General Pine. And the General holds grudges.

Young Perrin doesn’t have a choice, he’s been trained to lead in war, he knows how brutal it can be. Still, he might not be willing to pay the cost of stalling the General. But he doesn’t have a choice, war doesn’t ask him what he wants.

Can he rise to the challenge with the odds stacked firmly against him?

War of Trees is a series of novellas that follow the course of one of the longest wars fought within the fantasy world of Alden, from the perspective of Perrin, a man in the middle of it all. Multiple kingdoms rule the known world, they vie for the remains of the magics from an older age. And so war rages across the world.

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